Manufacturing Grypit's ergonomic gym equipment handles


Hepworth Mouldings, a division of the Hepworth Group was approached by Grypit Ltd, a Derbyshire based company who were looking for a new source of supply for their ergonomically designed gym equipment handles.

GRYPiT®’s development team had spent the last couple of years perfecting a selection of gym handles in highly resilient, hardwearing polymers.
Engineered for excellence, GRYPiT® delivers unwavering quality of function. Proven in the laboratory and gym the handles have demonstrated ruggedness and resilience and have been tested far beyond normal parameters of recreational use.

A world away from traditional steel bars and handles, the GRYPiT® robust, polymer moulded range ensures hands are correctly aligned in the ‘neutral’ position when training to help reduce risk of stress-induced conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome, lessen likelihood of grip fatigue and promote improved performance.

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) in PU resin, Hepworth Mouldings utilised specialised tooling and manufacturing methods to produce the wide range of equipment handles in GRYPiT®’s range.


Manufacturing Process

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Testimonials for the product

"The quality of the handles is extremely high and they feel `right` in use. Ergonomically they are designed to ensure the wrists remain straight during exercise The style of grip, comfort and functionality of GRYPiT® handles can assist at every level of training."
Mike Grice, Clinic Director, Birmingham Movement Therapy, qualified osteopath, therapist and biomechanics coach.

"I have been impressed with the biomechanical function of the GRYPiT® handles and I see a number of advantages in using them. Ergonomically, the handles are moulded for fingers to fit into snugly, providing a more secure, comfortable grip, which may well allow the user to lift more weight."
Martin Haines, Founder and Director, Brytespark Ltd., internationally renowned biomechanics coach and chartered physiotherapist with expertise in sports medicine, biomechanics and rehabilitation


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