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Hepworth manufactures to various standards including ISO 9001:2008, IRIS 2 and EN15085, with systems in place and a dedicated, experienced quality control department.

Since the company’s conception, quality has been a forefront priority in terms of systems produced for our customers.  As a direct result of this, the company has achieved several, highly sought after quality-assurance accreditations, recognising Hepworth Group globally as a company able to manufacture a product to an exceptionally high standard. Below are some of these certifications proving that our products are truly deserving of their ‘leading the way’ titles.

B Hepworth ISO 9001-UKAS logoThe ISO 9001 is a standard achieved recognising quality management systems that are specifically designed to help organisations, similar to that of B.Hepworth, ensure they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders.

B.Hepworth achieved this due to their continuing high standards in designing and manufacturing of windscreen wiping equipment.

Click here to download certificate of ISO 9001:2015

B Hepworth IRIS2 certificationB.Hepworth has also been the first LRQA approved UK company to achieve the coveted IRIS2 accreditation.

Hepworth Rail International is now in the enviable position of being a first tier supplier to the industry’s main players, such as Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom. IRIS has been modelled on similar quality standards that are already in place in key automotive industries, and complements the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality standard.

Click here to download pdf of certificate of IRIS 02

B Hepworth EN15085 logoThe EN15085 accreditation is an internationally recognised rail standard that all rail companies’ rolling stock welded products must adhere to and is awarded to those who can complete welding to a particular high standard.

B.Hepworth currently holds this accolade, allowing customers to rest easy knowing that if any of their products require welding properties; they will be carried out to the highest possible quality.

Click here to download pdf of certification of EN 15085




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